The finishing touches.




Mastering is what takes a great mix and turns it stellar. Mastering is all about putting on the finishing touches and preparing your track for final release to the public.



Mastering is not a fix-all solution, nor is it miracle-working. If the chords sound too dissonant, the problem lies in the songwriting and production. If the entire track sounds muddy and distorted, the problem lies in the mixing.



With the meteoric rise of streaming platforms over the past few years, the major players like SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes have all implemented loudness normalization algorithms. No one wants to be listening to a playlist at a comfortable volume, only to jump out of their seat due to a huge increase in volume when the next song comes on.


Don't know what I'm talking about? Right-click any YouTube video and select "stats for nerds." That will tell you exactly by how much their algorithm is adjusting the loudness of the audio.


So regardless of how much you smash your track into that 0.0 decibel (dB) brickwall limiter, it will be played back at around -15 to -18 Loudness Units Full Scale (LUFS) on your favorite streaming platform. This means that music mastered at -16 LUFS will have more dynamic range and impact than smashed, distorted music that was mastered at -3 LUFS!

"But what if I'm preparing a DJ set for a live event? Concerts are always super loud, right?!" That's a little different. When playing your song live, preparing a DJ set or club mix, or selling high-quality audio files on a website that isn't primarily a streaming platform, there are no loudness normalization algorithms to bring down the loudness (or up, for that matter). So where do we go from here?

Enter the mastering engineer.



Mastering can't work miracles, but it can and does lift good mixes to professional levels. Especially when the mastering engineer knows how to tailor his services to your genre of EDM.


Worried that your master might not come out perfect? I'll take the pressure off. Mastering is all about tweaking and fine-tuning your mix. That's why I provide every client the opportunity to choose between two versions of their mastered track, so that you can decide for yourself which is better. After you choose a final version, I guarantee at least three revisions thereafter - that means that you can still send it back three times for changes!

EX Music Production, I make it my mission to let your vision for your music come to life.

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