Make your music shine.




Mixing is what makes your vocals pop, your bass pump, and your synths soar.

Mixing is all about showcasing the emotion, power, and energy of your music.

Mixing is using industry hardware and software to bring out the best in your music through volume balancing, frequency equalization (EQ), compression, distortion/harmonic excitement, and stereo imaging.


But never lose sight of mixing's true purpose - to make your music shine.



With each new project, I take the time to understand your vision, then I use my best-in-class equipment to make it a reality. I specialize in working with dance and electronic music, so I have the unique ability to tailor my services to your exact subgenre.


Worried that your mix might not come out perfect? I'll take the pressure off. I guarantee at least three revisions for each mix - that means that if I don't meet your expectations the first time, you can send it back up to three more times to get it right.

Let me know what kind of project you're working on thought my quote request form, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

It's simple - at EX Music Production, I make it my mission to let your vision for your music come to life.

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